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help us get bibles to pastors

The Idea...Over the course of 50 weeks beginning October 14, 2021 if you can donate $5/week, you could help 25 pastors get a FireBible in their own heart language. After raising $5,500 from June - October in 2021, we want to hit the $7,000 mark by October of 2022. If you can do more than what we've suggested, by all means give as the Lord leads you. We have simply come up with a plan and an amount we feel just about anyone can accomplish.  See the links below for pledge form and giving.

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Check out this video from the October 24, 2021 service to hear more on the project.

new life assembly & the firebible

To learn about how God began to connect our church to FireBible, tap play on this video from June of 2021. After watching this 9 minute video, we believe you will understand the heart our church has for wanting to ensure pastors and believers all around the world to get this POWERFUL Bible in their hands.